Your email

Having trouble with the email service that comes free with your web site? In most cases, that service, based on old technology, is worth what you pay for it. In its day it was better than nothing, and running your own mail server was difficult and expensive. Paying too much for service or unsatisfied with its reliability? Tired of running your own email server? Today we have modern, inexpensive options that are virtually always up.

If you still have an old school address like yourbiz@​​​gmail/​​​yahoo/​​​aol/​etc, it looks bush league to potential customers. It should be yourname@​​, matching your web site.

Running your own mail server is still difficult and expensive, but today there is no reason to do it yourself. For only a few bucks per mailbox per month, you can get:

  • Professional-looking addresses like yourname@​​ to match your web site.
  • Secure service.
  • Excellent reliability.
  • Sophisticated spam detection and blocking, with defensive techniques constantly updated to keep not too far behind criminals' offensive techniques.
  • Windows PCs, laptops, and tablets; Macs; Android phones and tablets; iPhones and iPads all in sync with each other. Send a message? See it in all devices' Sent folders. Delete a message? Gone from all devices. Undelete a message you shouldn't have deleted? Back on all devices.
  • No mail lost if any of those devices fail or get lost.
  • Access from a web browser on any computer, tablet, or phone if you need email service and don't have your own device handy. Your email identity need not be left behind on a public or borrowed computer when you're finished.
  • Optional archiving for businesses that have discovery requirements.
  • A smooth transition from your old email service, including migration of all your old messages to the new service.