The Basics

Of course we get and keep the basics in shape:

  • Computers, printers, etc.
  • Software for all those
  • Switches, routers, wired and wireless networking
  • Internet connection(s) and firewall(s)
  • Backup
  • Ongoing support

And always with top priority for security.

Computers, printers, etc.

You have a collection of various equipment, probably bought at different times from different vendors, probably in various states of repair or disrepair and warranty. We get a current inventory, we check their current condition, and we get and keep it up to date.

Software for all those

All that equipment needs software to control it. Out of date versions of some of that software might seem innocuous, but unpatched software is a prime means of attack by hackers, even on systems running anti-virus products. We get and keep that software up to date, minimizing both inconvenience to its users and easy access from hackers.

Beyond that, you might run accounting software, or keep per job documentation, or formal logs of contacts with customers, or sales or repair tickets, or… Whether generic like email or industry-specific, we can take care of installation and maintenance, freeing you to concentrate on using it for what your business is about.

Switches, routers, wired and wireless networking

All those devices and software need to talk to other devices and software, some on-premises, and some across the Internet. That’s where switches and routers come in. Mysterious to most people, they are often left in default configurations that make them easy prey for criminal hackers around the world. We get them configured so your people and only your people can get to your resources.

Wired networking is great, but you might have mobile devices that are not easy to plug into your wired network. Substantial break-ins of major retail chains have been enabled by lame wireless security in mall stores that made it easy for criminals to get what they needed to compromise millions of credit cards, costing millions of dollars and a few top executives their jobs. We configure wireless networking so only those you want in can get in, and for your visitors we configure guest wireless that allows Internet access, but no access to any of your internal resources.

Internet connection(s) and firewall(s)

Internet service often comes with provider-supplied modem/routers in default configurations convenient for the provider but less than ideal or even dangerous for you.

We configure your Internet connection(s) and firewall(s) so your trusted personnel can do what they need to do from home, a bagel shop, a customer or vendor site, or wherever they need to be, while blocking the rest of the world.


You’re backing up your important data, right? To a device in your office? Have you checked the validity of your backups recently? What if you lose your computers and your backup device in a fire, a theft, or a hack attack? How long can you afford to be down after one of those? What if you need to recover a valuable document that you shouldn’t have deleted eight months ago?

Ongoing support

You can drive your car 12,000 miles without changing the oil, but you’ll regret it. All 200,000+ of the May 11 “WannaCry” victims were running outdated software that had been updated in March so as not to succumb to that method of attack. None of our clients were vulnerable to that attack, as they all had been updated. Getting and keeping software reasonably current is boring and can feel like a waste of time, but is necessary. Our computers can do it for you, and they don’t get bored. Would you like to know that a tire is leaking air before it goes flat? Our computers can keep an eye on yours and let us know when a hard disk drive is about to fail. Or is filling up. Or you might get better performance with more main memory. Etc.

And with top priority for security

Gone are the days when viruses were written in their bedrooms by teenagers without girlfriends for the sheer joy of vandalism. There’s money to be made in attack software, and you need more than a traditional anti-virus. We deploy a mix of technologies and recommended practices to minimize your risk. See our article on Security.