One size does not necessarily fit all. Before we jump in, we start by learning a little about your business and how you operate, and we never lose focus on technology as an enabler of business, not the other way around. We work with you to assess your technology’s usefulness, strengths, and weaknesses; and then recommend keeping what’s useful and works well, upgrading or replacing what’s not performing as well as it should or is in danger of failing, and eliminating the useless.

Following are some of the services we provide. In short, we can take care of pretty much all of your technology needs.

Computers, etc.

Of course we take care of the basics. Computers, printers, etc. Software for all those. Switches, routers, wired and wireless networking. We get a current inventory including condition and warranty status, bring up to date what needs to be brought up to date, and retire or replace what's had it.

We make sure your internet connection(s) and firewall(s) let you do what you need to do. Safely, keeping you out of trouble and keeping troublemakers out of your business.

It all needs backup and ongoing support. Our computers keep an eye on yours while you take care of your business.

Your email

Having trouble with the email service that comes free with your web site? There's a reason for that. Paying too much for service or it's unreliable? Tired of running your own email server? If you still have an old school address like yourbiz@​​​gmail/​​​yahoo/​​​aol/​etc, it should be yourname@​​, matching your web site.

We can migrate your archive of stored email to a professional, modern service that costs only a few bucks per mailbox per month, including sophisticated spam detection and blocking.

Your web site

You need to be found on the web, and if you're a local business, you need to be found by location. We can get you started, take over and update an existing site, or expand to whatever is needed.


Landlines are based on excellent but century-old technology, with the “last mile” cabling to residential and business customers being past end of reliable life in many locations, and which AT&T has gotten permission from the state to stop supporting.

Internet-based telephony, called “VoIP” for Voice over IP (IP being the language of raw bytes travelling the internet) is mature and ready for businesses of all sizes. It might be time to make a move to the excellent and in most cases less costly VoIP.


Don't those hackers have anything better to do? No. There’s money to be made in attack software. Big attacks like Equifax and Marriott make the news. You probably haven’t heard about countless small businesses getting hacked, but it happens every day and you don't want to be the next. Equifax got off with an insignificant slap on the wrist and its CEO being allowed to “retire” with a paltry $90 million exit gift plus eight-figure ongoing benefits. The rest of us? 60% of attacked small businesses have not lasted six months.

Old school defenses have become about as effective as a Keep Out sign. Nothing is invincible, but we can surround your technology by a moat with alligators.