About Us

Anthony E. Scandora, Jr. Principal

Tony has enjoyed working in what's now called IT (Information Technology) since a computer cost more than a starter house. He has worked in all aspects of hardware, software, and network design, implementation, and operations for research institutions, manufacturers, retailers, and service companies of all sizes, always with a focus on applying technology to meet business needs.

He grew up in small business, and after working in larger enterprises founded AES Systems Corp. to bring professional IT support scaled to small and home-based businesses, providing functional and secure environments while not breaking the bank.

Other Professionals

Nobody can do everything or be everywhere. When work becomes impractical for a single person, or specialized knowledge or skills are in order, we can draw on a substantial network of experienced professionals in all areas of computing, networking, web design, and telephony.

Vendor Support

When bugs, unpublished patches, undocumented configuration options, and other such unpleasantries rear their ugly heads, we have arrangements for support from Microsoft and other hardware and software vendors.